The AUKOM Metrologist

Guarantee for worldwide comparable measurement results

There are various methods of measuring the diameter of a workpiece using only a coordinate measuring machine. None is basically wrong! The well-founded, globally standardized AUKOM training gives metrologists the required measurement strategy competence for ensuring the comparability of the individual measurement results.

In addition, AUKOM metrologists have perfect command of the required metrology terminology. This allows them to communicate both internally and to all departments and external companies how the measurement result has come about in clear and technically correct terms. This allows you to detect potential measurement deviations more quickly or avoid them already during the preliminary stage.

Thus, certified AUKOM metrologists make an important contribution to cutting error-caused costs inside the company and save companies from possible complaints, recall actions and loss of image.

This makes your company stronger, allowing co-operation with your partners on equal terms.

The training to become an AUKOM metrologist has a modular structure and includes a total of three training levels:

  • Course contents AUKOM Stage 1
  • Course contents AUKOM Stage 2
  • Course contents AUKOM GD & T

After successful completion of all seminars, the participants will receive the AUKOM metrologist certificate. Participants who have completed the seminars prior to 2020 will also be required to participate in the 2020 Update Seminar. The AUKOM metrologist certificate is valid for 5 years.


AUKOM Metrologist