Trade fair report: AUKOM at Control 2018

AUKOM e.V. again presented its seminar products at Control 2018.

New possibilities of the ISO GPS were a focal point.


After a lively, successful day at the fair with a large number of discussions and a wide variety of contacts, it is often good to let it pass in peace and quiet.


Aukom auf der Control 2018: Früher Morgen - noch ist alles ruhig



Early morning: everything is still quiet:





 Aukom auf der Control 2018: Der Messetag beginnt

The day of the fair begins:

For all interested in AUKOM from Germany and abroad a central question is in the foreground:

How can I meet current and future requirements in the increasingly digitized and automated world of production metrology?   




Successfully trained and inspired:Aukom auf der Control 2018: erfolgreich weitergebildet und inspiriert

It is clear to every employee in production metrology that without a precise knowledge of the description language for technical drawings "GPS", these can neither be created, interpreted nor can measurement programs be generated.   

The high number of interested participants confirmed the importance of our presentation:

New possibilities of ISO GPS.

Speaker was: Prof. Dr. Ulrich Lunze


Aukom auf der Control 2018: GPS Infos zum Mitnehmen



Not only listen to the latest GPS information, but also take it with you

Everyone interested also received the latest information on a memory stick.




Aukom auf der Control 2018: Abschluss der Messewoche


We are pleased that we were able to conclude not only the day of the fair
but also the whole week of the fair very positively.

Conclusion of the fair week:

The future belongs to the well-trained employee in production metrology!




We would like to thank all visitors to our stand for their interest, ideas and suggestions that inspire us in the further development of our products. Our thanks also go to all colleagues from AUKOM partners and members for their active support.