AUKOM Managing Board News

News form our managing board: participant numbers are increasing, new partners in Hungary and China, notes concerning advertising material and events.

AUKOM Number of Participants

The positive trend in AUKOM seminar participant numbers continues.
In 2016, 3095 participants attended our AUKOM seminars.
We expect an increase of 500 to approximately 3600 participants for the year 2017.

New AUKOM Partners

We welcome R-Design Studio as a new partner for Hungary.

We welcome Wenzel Shanghai as a new partner for China.

We wish our new partners much success and joy with our products.

Advertising Material

We are pleased with the large number of inquiries about AUKOM advertising materials.
Due to our worldwide AUKOM activities we are unfortunately unable to fulfill these wishes. The logistics for the distribution would exceed the justifiable limits. For this reason, promotional materials are only produced for association purposes such as trade fair appearances. We ask for your understanding in this matter. We are happy to provide you with advertising material for your personal use whenever you visit to our exhibition stand.


Aussprachetag Koordinatenmesstechnik  (Day of Debating Coordinate Metrology)
We are planning the - in the professional world very popular - event "Aussparachetag Koordinatenmesstechnik 2018" in Brauschweig.
Make a note of the period from 14th to 16th of November 2018.
The topics and the exact date will be announced.

GPS-Conference in Chemnitz
There was a high visitor frequency at the GPS conference in Chemnitz in September.
Recent changes in GPS standards are affecting the professional community.
Sound information and discussions with colleagues and specialists help companies to set the course for the future.
On September 18 an 19 experts will meet again in Chemnitz in 2018. Take advantage of the opportunity to participate. AUKOM e.V. will be represented with a booth.