AUKOM at the Control 2023

Further training is the topic of today and also that of the future. This was once again demonstrated by the great interest in our further training program.

All AUKOM colleagues in action

Well attended was the lecture of our dear AUKOM colleague Dr. Christoph Blum

Well attended was the lecture of our dear AUKOM colleague Dr. Christoph Blum

AUKOM Focus on Topics for Metrologists


The goal for measurement technicians is to become a certified AUKOM metrologist. The globally recognized standard for the training of measurement technicians. .

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What comes next, after achieving AUKOM metrologist status?

Of course the AUKOM Expert training (AUKOM 3). The expert training is added to the AUKOM metrologist certificate after participation, so that the current training status is directly visible.

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NeW! Main Topics of the AUKOM – Come-Together Series

Come Togetheris the communicative, cross-divisional AUKOM format for teams from companies, who are interested in the AUKOM training standard.

Come Together is an invitation to cooperation between metrologists, design engineers, production technicians and all those, who want to understand the topics of the Come Together series.

Come Together establishes the professional knowledge within the company on a common, stable and technically competent level. The communication and process flow is decisively improved, saving time and costs.

New! AUKOM GD&T with Come Together

is the training format that connects. Because more than ever, well-functioning cross-divisional cooperation is important.

If the design department implements standard specifications in its drawings without considerating the production, the tools of ISO-GPS or ASME standards cannot be applied profitably.

They do not have a beneficial effect, but cause, in case of non-understanding, the need for explanations, loss of time and therefore higher costs.

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New! AUKOM Surf with Come Together

Surface Metrology for secure decisions and profitable, cross-divisional communication between metrology, design, development and production.

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Well attended was the lecture of our dear AUKOM colleague Dr. Christoph Blum

We would like to thank all visitors to our booth for their interest and the ideas and suggestions that inspire us in the further development of our products. Our thanks also go to all colleagues from the circle of AUKOM partners and members for their active support.