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Come Together for Teams

Come Together is aimed at metrologists, designers, manufacturing engineers, and anyone who wants to understand the topic of surface metrology. Come Together brings the professional knowledge of surface metrology within the company to a common, stable, and technically competent level. Communication and process flow are significantly improved, saving time and costs. With Come Together, we provide you with the prerequisites and the space for mutual understanding, communication, exchange of experiences, and coordinated knowledge. Come as a small team to our partners and learn together with teams from other companies. Beneficially exchange your experiences. The new contacts you gain can continue to be beneficial even after the seminar. AUKOM Surf trainers are also available to come to your company. Come Together.

  • Target group: Production measurement technicians, production engineers, developers, design engineers, QA managers
  • Prerequisites: none
  • Learning objectives: The seminar offers in-depth knowledge on the topic of surface metrology according to DIN ISO for metrology technicians who work at the interfaces with other departments and need to communicate profitably. Designers, developers and production engineers gain insight into the subject of surface measurement from the point of view of the metrology technician who has to successfully implement the drawing specifications in terms of metrology. A holistic understanding of the measurement tasks and influencing variables enables the expert to communicate reliably with interdepartmental departments and to reduce measurement uncertainties; measurement results become more reliable and comparable. The minimization of costs and rejects is supported.
  • Course duration: 2 days
  • Completion: Certificate

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SURF-1 Basics & historical classification
Historical introduction and basics of surface measurement ISO (GPS)

SURF-2 Measuring instruments and sensors
Presentation of measuring instruments and sensors for surface measurement - Tactile probing systems: -skid probing system, free probing system, optical probing systems, measuring instruments on which probing systems are installed: Mobile devices, measuring station devices, form measuring devices, coordinate measuring devices, microscopes.

SURF-3 Filtering and cut-off wavelength
Separation of profile components, roughness-waviness-shape, cutoff wavelengths, cutoff wavenumber, Fourier analysis.

SURF-4 Measurement
Instrument selection, instrument preparation, measurement location, tolerance acceptance rules.

SURF-5 Characteristic values
Common characteristic values according to ISO 21920 & ISO 4287 from P-,W- and R-profiles, function- & production-oriented characteristic values

SURF-6 Specification
Specification for surface details according to ISO 1302, ISO 21920-1 and VDA 2005, differentiation from surface imperfections

SURF-7 Calibration
Calibration, calibration, probe tip verification

SURF-8 Novelties ISO 21920
New terms, specification operators, measurement chain, details and innovations in parameters

SURF-9 Surface parameters ISO 25178
Sequence of surface measurements, filtering of surface measurements, 3D parameters, differences between profile roughness and surface roughness

SURF-10 Motif ISO 12085
Specification and measurement conditions according to ISO 12085