AUKOM Expert Training

The world of production metrology becomes more and more digital and interconnected with increasing speed.

As a result, the metrologist’s knowledge may reach its limits. The AUKOM expert training expands the AUKOM metrologist’s standard.

The additional knowledge of function measurement suitable for production improves the understanding of measurement tasks and influencing variables and enables the expert to define also challenging measurement strategies and to solve metrology tasks in interdisciplinary co-operation across all departments and external companies.

This allows the expert to communicate with designers, production managers and people in charge of quality on equal terms and gain insight into the overall processes. Based on his knowledge of how to communicate target-oriented, he is capable of formulating metrology questions quickly and directing them to the right places.

Based on their well-founded, globally standardized AUKOM training, AUKOM experts are perfectly equipped for the growing tasks of the digital and global world of production metrology.

The AUKOM expert training is based on the AUKOM metrologist training.

Prerequisites:AUKOM 2 and AUKOM GD & T

Contents: CAD/PMI, automation & digitization, measurement uncertainty, MSA, GR&R, optimum measurement strategies, sensor competence, filters and Fourier, communication customer /supplier, metrology room management, function- and production-oriented measurement